iPad takes its place with Buddha statute

What is it with Thailand, Apple and Buddhist temples lately? First, an abbott of the Wat Phra Dhammakaya said that Steve Jobs was kickin’ it in the afterlife as a mid-level angel with his own celestial palace. Now, a temple in Thailand’s Chom Phra district has decided that Buddha carries around an iPad with him wherever he goes.

Ban Jabok-Ban Nong Leg templein the northeatern Surin province is now trying to send a message by making Buddha hold an iPad in their next statue, says The Bangkok Post:

Traditionally, Phra Sivali, a pose of the Buddha, carries a walking stick, an umbrella and a bowl, and is worshipped for those seeking love, luck and prosperity.

But the one to be built by the temple will have one hand carrying the umbrella — and the other one clutches one of the innovative best sellers launched by the late Steve Jobs instead of the stick.

This might seem like an attention grabbing gimmick, and let’s face it, it kind of is. But the message the temple wants to send is good and forward-facing: they want to stress that monks need to embrace the technology of the modern world in getting their message across.

“Monks have to catch up with the changes and use those gadgets like the iPad to lure the new generation to the temple. Monks can use them to teach Dhamma to those who live their life with new communication technologies,” a spokesman of the temple said.

Source: Bangkok Post


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