Amnesty International critical of Nauru asylum seekers detention camp

An Amnesty International Australia researcher says major changes are needed immediately at the Australian run detention camp for asylum seekers on Nauru.

Alex Pagliaro was one of two researchers who last week visited the camp where 387 male asylum seekers are crammed into leaky tents in a very hot environment.
She says it is a recipe for disaster.

Nauru’s foreign minister Dr. Kieren Keke, who is a medical doctor, says he appreciates the advice of Amnesty International inspectors, and says he will move quickly to make changes.

Keke says construction will soon start on permanent accommodation, but he will seek to make improvements in the meantime.

“Some of the things are simple and relate to communication, information being provided to asylum seekers,” he said.

“As well as some of the simple things, the number of toilets and showers, the lack of shade in some areas, the inadequate number of computers for communication – and those kinds of things which I think can be addressed relatively quickly.”

“The current facilities that are available are certainly not what either the Nauru government or the Australian Government wants and are finding acceptable as a permanent solution,” he said.

“Unfortunately, and quite frustratingly for myself and the Nauru government, there’s been delays caused largely through negotiations on revised terms of the land lease for the land that the site is on.”

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