Abortion Supervisory Committee concerned about harrassment

The Abortion Supervisory Committee’s latest report has expressed concerns over abortion consultants, their families and patients being the target of harrassment.

The committee is particularly concerned that women seeking fertility assistance have been caught up in the anti-abortion protests.

In particular, the Report singles out “harassment of medical staff is taking place in Invercargill resulting from services now being offered at Southland Hospital.”

“We are further concerned about the impact of being known as a certifying consultant in some locations. During the last year the Committee has heard distressing reports from certifying consultants where they, their families, patients and wider public have been the subject of harassment. Particularly distressing are reports of women seeking fertility assistance who have been harassed when they were mistakenly thought to be seeking pregnancy termination.”

However, Right to Life spokesman, Ken Orr, says their protests are peaceful and supportive of women.

“The people who have vigils outside hospitals and clinic are there in a prayerful presence.”

The Right for Life group were not responsible for bullying or threatening staff as their group opposed violence, he said.


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