Archaeologist claims evidence of flood in Genesis

A leading underwater archeologist’s claim he has found evidence of Noah’s flood has coincided with a Dutch builder opening his life-size replica of Noah’s ark to the public.

Robert Ballard, who discovered the wreck of the Titanic in 1985, said his evidence of the flood in Genesis comes from the depths of the Black Sea off the coast of Turkey.

He and his team were investigating a controversial theory, proposed by two Columbia University scientists, that the Black Sea was once an isolated freshwater lake surrounded by farmland — until it was flooded by an enormous wall of water from the rising Mediterranean Sea.

Four hundred feet below the surface, the team unearthed an ancient shoreline, proof to Ballard that a catastrophic event did happen in the Black Sea.

By carbon dating shells found along the shoreline, Ballard said he believes they have established a timeline for that catastrophic event, which he estimates happened around 5000 BC. Some experts believe this was around the time when Noah’s flood could have occurred.

“It probably was a bad day,” Ballard said. “At some magic moment, it broke through and flooded this place violently, and a lot of real estate, 150,000 square kilometers of land, went under.”

In the Netherlands, John Huibers spent three years building a replica of Noah’s ark exactly as outlined in Genesis.

The vessel — 427 feet long, 95 feet wide and 75 feet high — now floats in the waters of Dordrecht, just south of Rotterdam, and is receiving up to 3000 visitors a day.

Inside, visitors can find a virtual petting zoo of a variety of domestic animals, including horses, sheep, dogs, rabbits and birds. In the absence of more dangerous animals, such as alligators and lions, or other creatures that Huibers was not able to obtain for the display, plastic models stand in their place.

Huibers says the ark serves a serious purpose. “We want to tell people about God,” he says. “We wanted to build something that can help explain the Bible in real terms.”


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