Benedict advised against air travel

Spikes in Pope Benedict’s blood pressure means his physician advised him to avoid air travel, reports Marco Tosatti.

Benedict’s health is progressively deteriorating, and the 85-year-old pontiff often has problems sleeping, reports the veteran Vatican journalist.

Tosatti notes Benedict has fallen out of bed several times on recent trips abroad, and his doctor had advised him against making the overseas flight to Brazil for World Youth Day this summer.

The report was based on indiscretions from papal aides and is similar to one, reported in CathNews earlier in the week, by German journalist, Peter Seewald.

Seewald says Benedict’s hearing is declining, he is going blind in one eye and is losing weight at a rather alarming rate.

The Vatican insists that no particular medical condition prompted the Pope’s decision to resign, rather saying he has retired for the good of the church and because of a general decline in strength and energy.


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