Pell lashes out at retiring Pope

Cardinal George Pell, has levelled some surprising criticism at Pope Benedict, reports Australia’s Seven News.

Pell criticised the outgoing Pope, saying that despite being a great theologian and a brilliant teacher, governance and government wasn’t his strong point.

“He’s got to know his theology, but I think I’d prefer… someone who can lead the church and pull it together a bit,” Pell said.

The Cardinal also criticised Benedict’s retirement, saying it leaves future Pontiffs vulnerable.

“People who might for example disagree with a future pope, whether they mount a campaign to get him to resign.”

Perhaps even more controversial, Pell told Seven News that sex abuse is not the biggest problem confronting the Church.

Despite all the controversies, Cardinal Pell said that the loss of belief and believers was the greatest challenge facing the Church.

“No, no, I think [the biggest problem] is the spread of unbelief in the first world,” the Cardinal said.

Pell, did not not rule himself out as a future pontiff admitting it was a possibility, but unlikely.


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