The Church needs to change argues Oxford University professor

In an frank interview in the Guardian, Diarmaid MacCulloch, a professor of the history of the Church at the University of Oxford, suggests just about every day we listen to the radio, watch TV or read the newspaper we are seeing evidence of a Church that needs change.

He says, we see almost daily, evidence that the Catholic is too big for the last two old men to manage, and indeed that it’s too big for a younger man to manage.

MacCulloch says significant change is needed, and in particular the suggests the Church should not fear decentralisation.

“There’s no where to hide anymore” he says, and for the last thirty years at least, two pope’s in succession have denied that the Church needed to change at all, Benedict even pushed liturgy and worship backwards.

Denying change for so long, living, as it were one’s life with a “paper bag over your head”, can only go on for so long, MacCulloch says.

Watch the interview, and see how Professor MaCulloch argues the need for change and the change he is suggesting.


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