Authors of Fiji’s People’s Charter did voice protest

An anonymous commentator on the blog Fiji Today says the heavy beating the reputations of John Samy and Archbishop Mataca, the authors of the People’s Charter, have taken from prodemocracy advocates is unjustified.

He says the accusation that they have remained silent, in the face of the abandonment by the interim government of the People’s Charter principles, is untrue.

The writer says they did speak out in a 17 November 2011 letter to interim Fiji Prime Minster Bainimarama which has not previously been made public.

He says he believes the letter goes a long way towards redeeming the reputations of these two individuals who clearly held strongly enough to the principles of their Charter to protest in no uncertain terms, when the interim government refused to abide by the principles of the People’s Charter they had themselves helped formulate and approve.

He says the recommendations made by Samy and Archbishop Mataca are still of relevance to the problems that Fiji faces today, and have greater weight coming from previous Regime supporters.



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