Children’s iPad App: a chocolate cake with vitamins

iPad App, “Journey of Jesus: His First Miracle,” helps make the Gospel more accessible for kids according to app developer Brent Dusing of Lightside Games.

“For children, we really want them to be exposed to the life of Jesus in a way that they can enjoy and connect with,” he told CNA recently.

The app hit the iTunes store June 5 and features chapters of Jesus’ public ministry from the Bible that engages children and helps relay the story to them.

Inspired to make the App by how much his own children loved the iPad, Dusing says as well as being fun and interactive, the App tells the story in a way children understand.

As well as giving children something to do with an iPad it gives them something they can benefit from, he said.

Frequently, he said, Christian educational materials are marketed as “multivitamins.” In other words, it’s good for the kids but may not necessarily “taste good.”

This application, on the other hand, is more like “chocolate cake with vitamins in it,” Dusing said. “The kids will enjoy it a lot more and it’s really good.”

Dusing said even his two year-old daughter enjoys “reading” it over and over again.

The App costs NZ$5.29 and is available in the New Zealand iTunes store.



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