Auckland tough on beggars – Wellington kinder

Wellington City Councillor Stephanie Cook says Auckland’s proposal to ban beggars is harsh, and Wellington’s approach is a much more compassionate and pragmatic option.

Begging could be banned throughout Auckland under a bylaw being drafted by the council.

Wellington has addressed the question of public begging by setting up an Alternative Giving Fund asking people to donate their spare change to it rather than give it to beggars on the street.

An initial draft of the Auckland bylaw banned asking for money, food, other items or soliciting donations “in a manner that may intimidate or cause a nuisance to any person”.

But after public feedback, commissioners appointed by the Auckland Council and Auckland Transport have recommended all begging be banned.

In Wellington charity boxes are expected to go up late this year to give people an immediate alternative instead of giving money directly to beggars.

All donations will go to six organisations that support the city’s vulnerable residents.


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