Bishop Brian Tamaki happy with book about Destiny Church

Bishop Brian Tamaki says a new book about him and the Destiny Church, “Destiny: The life and times of a self-made apostle”  is “not all negative”.  In fact, he says, primarily the book is quite positive, and tells the story of Destiny Church which has grown to something from nothing.

“I’m feeling quite, wow, chuffed,” he told about 100 academics, Destiny Church members, and the public who packed the room for the launch in Auckland last Thursday.

The few issues he has with the book revolve around four or five “porkies”.

The one that annoys him most is an incorrect tale about him buying son Sam a Corvette, which he most certainly didn’t. Other than that, he’s happy enough.

The book’s author, Associate Professor Peter Lineham, believes the public will have to think again about what their views are.

Tamaki attended and welcomed the book’s launch, despite the author being gay, a sexual orientation Tamaki says he disagrees with.

He said contrary to popular belief: “I do not hate anybody. I do not dislike gays.”

Mr Lineham says that issue was put to the side during his writing of the book, and Destiny Church members actually embraced what he was doing.

“I mean it’s very interesting because I think in the relationship of just talking to them they came to respect what I was doing and I think that says something for them, that they’re willing to do it.”



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