Pope’s 30 year old new Renault causes stir on social media

As reported by CathNews last week, Pope Francis is now the proud owner of a 1984 Renault 4.

Donated by a priest in northern Italy who used it to visit poor parishioners, Associated Press reports he is going to use the 30 year old, manual shift, four-door car, with 300,000 kms on the clock, painted in papal white, to drive himself around the Vatican.

The donor, 79-year-old Reverend Renzo Zocca, said he was moved to donate the car because he is inspired by Pope Francis’ vision.

Fr Zocca said the Holy Father is  familiar with the vehicle’s features and knows how to drive it because he used to drive one in Argentina.

Reportedly the car has a new engine.

The event has not gone unnoticed on social media with slapstick brothers, Tom and Ray, at CarTalk.com having a field day with the news.

As soon as the now-retired radio hosts heard the news, they went on Facebook and Twitter and the witticisms and quips quickly spread.

Here is a sample of some of the puns and peoples’ humour.

  • I always thought the Pope would drive a Christ-ler
  • “Tu illam inundarunt” (Latin for “You flooded it”).
  • The pope can easily handle a flooded engine. Even if it’s of Biblical proportions.
  • He needs one of two bumper stickers. #1, God is my co-pilot. OR #2, My other car is the Pope Mobile.
  • I haven’t seen car trouble like this since we tried to fit all the Apostles in one Accord.
  • It’s either burning oil, or you’ve just been replaced.
  • “A little black smoke is fine, just watch out for the white smoke”.
  • If you see a lot of white smoke, it might mean it’s time to elect a new car.
  • Look the Vatican acquired a new relic.
  • Last Rides, anyone? (Extreme disfUnction)
  • 20 years to go 186,000 miles? Light can do that in one second.
  • “Well, sir, it keeps overheating because the water in the radiator keeps turning to wine…”
  • If they can cram 6 or 7 parishioners in it to drive to St. Peter’s on Sunday, is it considered Mass Transit?
  • No, no, no. Clearly holy people are Honda lovers. “All these with one Accord were devoting themselves to prayer, together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and his brothers.”



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