Fr Chris Skinner and Janice Bateman join musical forces

Father Chris Skinner has teamed up with Christchurch-based soprano Janice Bateman who’s 2011 debut album ‘Here I Am’ knocked Justin Bieber out of a chart position he’d held for 10 weeks.

Their Album, ‘Reason to Believe’ is to be released on 1 November.

Brian Martin, from the Hawke’s Bay, brought the two singers together.

In April 2011 he was in New York. He woke in the early hours and remembered that the Breakers had played the final of the Trans-Tasman NBL basketball championship. Interested in knowing the outcome, through the internet he tuned into NZ radio for the final score.

While waiting  he heard Jim Sutton reviewing the first album of artist Janice Bateman. Brian thought that her voice came through with such quality and clarity that he was inspired to send her an email. That was the beginning of’ ‘Reason to Believe’.

When Brian got home he brought Fr Chris and Janice together to look at the possibility their working together.

“I wasn’t sure about being involved in the project given my vocation, style and previous recordings. I am more at ease with the behind the scenes approach.” says Fr. Chris.

“This particular project is a bit more out there but Brian assured me he would keep all that in mind.”

Janice and Chris recorded the album in January of this year in Orewa with Mike McCarthy at his studio. She had recorded her first album with him and Chris had recorded the single ‘You raise me up’ with Mike in 2005.

Reason to Believe is an album of duets and solos, including timeless classics such as Flying Without Wings, Bridge over Troubled Water, Smile, In the Arms of an Angel, Amazing Grace and Sailing

Janice Bateman

Christchurch singer Janice Bateman’s debut Album “Here I am” rose quickly to number 5 on the NZ charts and won immediate acclaim. She was voted the Female Artist of the Year at the Variety Artists of New Zealand awards.

Fr Chris Skinner

Chris is a Marist priest. He began writing his own songs from the age of 16 and recorded his first album in 1990. On average he has produced an album every two years since then and sees his music as an integral part of his priesthood.


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