Fashion and the Archbishop of Canterbury

If there is anyone out there who doesn’t have enough to be shocked about, you can bet your John Galliano that the fashion industry will find some way to offend them within the next five minutes.

That’s what fashion thrives on: subversion and irreverence; an immaculately groomed, sneering Johnny Rotten worth millions, the world’s best-dressed troll.

The latest person to express outrage at this industry’s flagrant disregard for common decency is the archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who writes in the foreword to his first Lent book that the crucifix has become a fashion statement, devoid of religious meaning.

This from a man who regularly wears a dress made of gold. Continue reading.

Harriet Walker is a fashion journalist, author and columnist. She is news editor of digital fashion magazine Never Underdressed.

Source: The Guardian

Image: Show Studio

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