Mealamu – Being a Christian means having a relationship with God.

In a recent interview in the New Zealand Herald, All Black, Keven Mealamu was asked how big a part faith played in his life.

“It’s always with you,” he replied.

“I’m Catholic. Go to church whenever I can. When we were on tour in Italy I stopped into a church with a couple of the other boys and went to confession.”

“I said I hadn’t been to church for a long time and the priest said being Christian is not just about going to church, it’s about having a relationship with God. That was really special and made me feel a bit better because it’s hard when you’re on tour.”

“As I’ve gotten older in my faith, it’s been about the gratitude, being thankful for what I have.

“When you travel around the world as we do, you quickly realise not everyone is as lucky as we are. You might be staying in a five-star hotel, but the poverty is just across the road. I really want to teach my kids to be grateful for all they have,” says Mealamu.

Keven Mealamu is the third All Black to play more than 100 games for the national side. He is a father of two and illustrates children’s books to raise money for the Starship hospital.


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