UN report not fair nor particularly helpful

Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley has added his surprise to the content of the UN’s report into the Vatican’s response to sexual abuse.

Cardinal O’Malley, in a blog post, said he would have thought that the competency of UN commission was to examine the policies and practices of their member nations, and had they focused on that task “they would have been able to make what I would consider a valuable contribution.”

Rather, “they extrapolated to the life of the Church, which is not their competency, and interjected many of their own ideological preferences,” he said.

“They also appear to have not taken into account the hard work that has been done in many parts of the world.

“It is very easy to get the headlines when you criticise the church, however, I do not think the commission’s report has been either fair or particularly helpful.”

Cardinal O’Malley said he hoped that the report would lead to “greater resolve by those in the Holy See to be more proactive on this issue and to cooperate with the new commission on child protection that the Holy Father is establishing.”


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