Nuns in fiction

Roman Catholic women of a certain age will remember being obsessed as teenagers with Kathryn Hulme’s The Nun’s Story, book and film – “Is God calling me to be Audrey Hepburn?”

It’s still a good strong read, and even more fascinating when you know the story behind it. It is a novel, but based on the life of the author’s long-term companion, a former nun.

As the film Philomena heads into awards season, draped with nominations for Oscars and Baftas, you might think nuns are having a bad PR moment.

But then over at Team Convent, Call the Midwife is the star of BBC TV’s Sunday nights with a much more sympathetic crew.

Both these are fictionalised versions of real stories, and they are just the tip of the iceberg: there are large numbers of nuns in books – surely higher than their incidence in the real-life population. Continue reading.

Source: Guardian Books

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