ACT leader thinks incest should not be a crime

In an article published on The Ruminator website, New Act Leader Jamie Whyte was asked whether the state should intervene if adult siblings wanted to marry each other.

“Well personally, I don’t think they [the State] should. However, it’s a matter of almost no significance because it just doesn’t happen.”

Whyte said  that this was his are his views, not ACT views and not policies.

Asked by the New Zealand Herald to comment Whyte said he was “very opposed” to incest.

“I find it very distasteful I don’t know why anybody would do it but it’s a question of principle about whether or not people ought to interfere with actions that do no harm to third parties just because they personally wouldn’t do it.”

“I don’t think the state should intervene in consensual adult sex or marriage, but there are two very important elements here – consensual and adult”.

“I wonder who does believe the state should intervene in consensual adult acts?”

On Thursday, speaking on RadioLive  Mr Whyte admitted he had regretted the comments published in an article on The Ruminator Website, because he had “let the Party down.”



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