Waikato hospital chaplain has interesting background

Daniel Sitaram has taken an interesting route to his present job as a chaplain at Waikato Hospital.

Born in Fiji, he is of Indian Fijian heritage. He was ordained an Anglican priest and worked in parishes in Fiji before spending 8 years as a high school teacher.

Then he moved to Anglican diocese of Christchurch. He obtained a Bachelor of theology from Auckland University, a Bachelor of Nursing from the Manukau Institute of Technology, and worked as a lab technician before returning to pastoral ministry as the chaplain at the Mission to Seafarers in Auckland.

“I think I bring a cultural mix to the Waikato Hospital chaplaincy team and may be able to help with patients and visitors who speak other languages because as well as English, I speak Fijian Indian, most of the Indian dialects, and can also communicate in Tongan and Samoan as well,” says Daniel.


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