Everything I can do: living with Down Syndrome

Some people may think that I would be treated badly because I have Down syndrome. My experience has not been this way.

God tells everyone to treat people equally, and I think that most people act in this way.

I don’t feel as if people make fun of me or make me feel bad just because I have Down syndrome.

One special thing about me is that I have Down syndrome. Down syndrome means having an extra chromosome in my body. It’s the way I was born.

My parents told me that when I was born on Aug. 9, 1995, the doctor looked at my hands and eyes and confirmed that I had Down syndrome.

This was not a surprise to my mom and dad because they knew I was going to have Down syndrome. That’s because of a test that had been done before I was born.

Having Down syndrome is the same as having a disability.

My teacher, Mr. Beall, talks about people having disabilities. He says that it does not matter if you have a learning difference because everyone should be treated the same.

Other people think and say I have a disability, but I don’t really think of myself as having a disability because I feel I fit in with other people. Continue reading.

Joey Kane is beginning senior year at John F. Kennedy Catholic High School in Burien, Wash., USA.

Source: America Magazine

Image: America Magazine

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