Samoa – 3 more join interdenominational prison ministry

An interdenominational Christian Ministry, The Fortress of Faith, welcomed three newly qualified prison ministry spiritual counsellors at a ceremony at their Moto’otua base last Friday.

The Fortress of Faith founder, Ruta Poulos, told the Sunday Samoan that this is the second year of the programme.

The first training was conducted by Pastors from Hawai’i, the United States of America and Romania. This year, three local trainers and Counsellors facilitated the training.

“You’ll be surprised but you’ll find that many of the prisoners have been abandoned by their families so that they have nothing,” said Ruta

“So part of our Ministry is not just counselling and providing prayers. We provide basic provisions like toothbrush, bars of soap, toothpaste, food and clothing to prisoners who have none.

“We have been amazed at how some of the things we take for granted every day are so appreciated by these prisoners.

“Yes they maybe criminals but at the end of the day, they are still people and God loves everyone.”


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