9 reasons Pope should win Nobel Peace Prize

Pope Francis has been announced as one of the 278 nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize. Here are a few reasons why he deserves to win over the other nominees, which include Vladimir Putin and Edward Snowden.

Pope Francis for Nobel Peace Prize

1. He’s practically a rockstar

What does Pope Francis have in common with Megan Fox, Kanye West and David Bowie? They’ve all been on the cover of “Rolling Stone” magazine.

His appearance on the cover reflected his ability to appeal to younger generations, and hinted at the fact that he is trying to separate himself from past popes—he’s not about tradition, he’s about the people.

2. He’s an internet sensation

Pope Francis has done what Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber couldn’t do – he won the Internet. The pope was the most talked about person on social media in 2013, which just shows how big of an impact he’s already made in such a short amount of time. Continue reading.

Source: Voxxi

Image: Rolling Stone

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