A Nun, “No One”, and the Voice

It was a gift first thing in the morning.

I noticed on my Facebook newsfeed a story about an Sr Cristina Scuccia, an Italian member of the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family, and her stunning performance of “No One” (originally by Alicia Keys) on the Italian version of the popular tv show, The Voice.

Her voice, enthusiasm, and spirit brought the crowd to its feet and tears to the eyes of at least one judge. Watch here.

Soon after watching, I came across an article in “The Atlantic” questioning the enthusiastic response of the crowd and wondering to what degree they were excited by the novelty of the scene, rather than by a response to the performance or to a genuine value of seeing a vowed religious in this context.

These are strong questions arising from a legitimate concern that our society of spectacle embraces even (or perhaps especially?) religiosity in a way that does not, at the same time, invite reflection and allow for the possibility of deep transformation toward God. Continue reading.

Source: Daily Theology

Image: Daily Theology

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