Blind man claims sight improved at healing service

Minutes after Bishop Victor Silva called on Jesus to cast out “the spirit of sickness” causing pain to the lives of the hundreds of people packed into the “holy oil” healing service in Auckland on Sunday, a young man was helped on to the stage claiming his sight had been improved.

Gaby Dean, 27, who said he had been blind since birth, told the crowded Vodafone Events Centre he could now distinguish the lights on the ceiling.

In an earlier interview with the New Zealand Herald The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) said its “holy oil” — olive oil purported to have been blessed at the sites of biblical miracles in Israel —  helped to cure tumours, mental illness, stomach and bladder problems, marriage difficulties, strokes and heart defects.

When pushed by the Herald for evidence of any healing,  Silva said the oil could not cure illness. Using it was an act of faith, he said, and faith could help in the restorative process.

In it’s promotional video the UCKG  the message, “The UCKG Help centre does not claim to heal people, but it believes God can, through the power of faith. Always follow your doctor’s instructions.” is flashed up from time to time.



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