Students not encountering Christ in Catholic schools say NZ Bishops

Most Catholic-educated young people in New Zealand are not encountering Jesus Christ through their schooling, New Zealand’s Catholic bishops say.

The bishops have published The Catholic Education of School Age Children

In this document the Bishops discuss a number of problems with faith education and the likely solutions.

It is based in large part on doctoral thesis research by Chris Duthie-Jung of Wellington, Faith Amid Secularity.

The Bishops say that although Catholic schools deliver a sound education, that is not why they exist — that end can be met by state schools. Catholic schools are where the living God should be encountered.

They think young, adult pakeha Catholics (between 18 and 28) see themselves as Catholic, sense the presence of God, believe in basic goodness, but also display a disconnect at the level of faith acting in ordinary life.

For most of them, being Catholic is cultural rather than a commitment. In fact, there seems to be little difference

The Catholic Education of School Age Children  covers such things as:

  • Non-participation in parish life
  • The courage needed to be truly Catholic
  • Attendance dues,
  • Young Catholics at state schools
  • Barriers to Catholic education
  • CCD
  • The role of the NZ Catholic Education Office.


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