Flood does not stop students in Honiara from getting to School

The Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson, Solomon Islands commenced Term 2 on Tuesday 8th April, with 80% of its students in attendance.

Everyone has been personally affected – directly or indirectly – and the weeklong floods have left painful memories that will be hard to heal.

The rector, Fr. Dominic Kachira, invited those who were struggling to travel each day to stay on the school campus. The boys will reside in the gymnasium and the girls will reside in the Savio Aspirantate. “It is important that your studies are not hampered due to long hours of exhausting and tense travel,” he said.

The only main road leading to Honiara has now become a three-lane road with traffic moving at a gentle pace. The trip, which would take three quarters of an hour from Henderson to the center of town, now takes two hours and more.

While motorists wait their turn to cross the bridge in a single file, several hundred pedestrians cane be seen walking – right through the day in the heat of the blazing sun – till late at night.

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Supplied: Fr. Ambrose Pereira  read more
Image: Supplied Fr. Ambrose Pereira

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