Researchers reconstruct face of St Anthony of Padua

Researchers have created a reconstruction of the face of St Anthony of Padua, who died in the 13th century.

A team of forensic researchers and the University of St Anthony of Padua’s Anthropology Museum used a digital copy of the saint’s skull.

They applied the latest 3D technology to come up with what they called “one of the most faithful reconstructions of the face of St Anthony”.

Brazilian 3D designer Cicero Morales of the University of Sao Paolo was asked to reconstruct the saint’s face, knowing only that the skull belonged to a 36-year-old male.

When he found out who the subject was, he was amazed.

The facial reconstruction is now on display at the basilica dedicated to St Anthony in Padua.

In 1946, Pope Pius XII proclaimed St Anthony a Doctor of the Church.

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