Faith, tattoos, and evangelisation

Tanksley has five tattoos, three of them with faith themes.

A Greek Chi-Rho symbol can be found “hidden” on the inside of his left arm where the arm bends. The tattoo represents a time before Christianity was accepted and followers had to keep their faith a secret.

Tanksley believes many still hesitate to express their faith..

A knotted Celtic cross on his forearm pays homage to his faith and his Irish heritage. A black cross the size of a quarter can be found on his shoulder.

For Tanksley, the tattoos are an expression of his faith, an encouragement in times of trouble and act as a reminder that there’s a higher power watching over him.

Tattoo artist and owner of Midnight Iguana Ron Hendon said faith-inspired tattoos make up a significant portion of his business. At least one person a week comes in asking for a faith tattoo, he said.

In addition to common Christian tattoos like crosses, doves and Bible verses, clients also have requested tribal looking crosses, images of Buddha, Bali images, the Hindu goddess Kali and Hindu symbols.

Hendon said he enjoys creating faith tattoos because they tend to be long lasting. Continue reading.

Source: Online Athens

Image: AJ Reynolds/Online Athens

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