500 sets of twins attend twin saints feast in India

More than 500 sets of twins have gathered in India for the celebration of the feast of twin saints, in a tradition that is growing each year.

Celebrations were held in Kerala last month in a Syro-Malabar parish named for Sts Gervasis and Prothasis.

The saints were twin brothers who were scourged and beheaded for their faith in the second century near Milan in Italy.

The first gathering of twins to mark the feast in Kerala was in 2007, when 35 pairs attended.

The celebration in Kothanalloor includes a procession of twins, a dedication service led by Palai Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt, Mass and lunch for 3000 people.

Fr George Njarakunnel said his parish collects funds and hosts guests from across Kerala state.

This year’s gathering included five sets of twin nuns and three pairs of twin priests.

One school sent 23 sets of twins.

Kothanalloor parish alone has 62 pairs of twins among its 750 families.

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