Paraguay diocese says accused priest came with Ratzinger OK

A diocese in Paraguay says a priest accused of abuse in the United States was placed in ministry at then-Cardinal Ratzinger’s recommendation.

Bishop Rogello Livieres Plano incardinated Fr Carlos Urrutigoty in Ciudad del Este diocese in 2005, where he was later appointed vicar-general.

Recently the Vatican suspended ordinations to the priesthood in the diocese, following an apostolic visitation ordered by Rome.

The diocese subsequently defended itself, saying Fr Urrutigoity “came recommended by some cardinals with functions in the Holy See (one of them, elected a few days later Successor of Peter)”.

The Vatican, through the apostolic nuncio, and “with the consent of the excardinating bishop”, authorised the incardination, the diocese stated.

A diocesan review board in Scranton found an abuse allegation credible a decade ago.

Fr Urrutigoity’s alleged offending involved an adult, not a child, the diocese maintained, so his case was never referred to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Bishop Plano has always believed him to be innocent.

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was to become Pope Benedict XVI.

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