Archbishop Chong congratulates Fiji nation and Bainimarma

The archbishop of Suva, Peter Loy Chong says the Catholic Church wishes to congratulates Fiji as a nation for returning to parliamentary rule.

He also said “We congratulate Frank Bainimarama for leading us to elections and for his party’s election victory.”

Archbishop Peter made this statement, as Fiji celebrated the 44th-year of independence last Friday.

Archbishop Peter said that be truly an independent nation, Fiji needs to move beyond patron-client politics.

He defined Patron-client politics  as being the manner in which ethnic politics or how politicisation of ethnicity is carried out.

“Patron-client politics neglect national development and its strategies were limited to the short-term gains and interest of patrons and clients and, therefore, national developments could not receive the primary focus and commitment they deserve,” Archbishop Peter said.

“It develops a syndrome of dependency as they depend heavily on government assistance for their economic development.

“Patron-client politics stifles the kind of consciousness and competitiveness that are essential ingredients for democracy,” he said.




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