Kiribati Govt pays Anglican Church $15.3 million for land in Fiji

The government of Kiribati has paid the Anglican church  Fiji $15.3 million [US$8 million] for 5400 acres of land located on Vanua Levu in Fiji.

It is part of a 5700 acre piece of land given to the church by a Mr Campbell.

The Anglican Archbishop of Polynesia, Winston Halapua, said the church has kept aside 300 acres for Melanesians living on the land.

He explained the land was given to the church with the instructions that it be used for the mission of the church.

“In the Anglican Church, property is vested with our trustees so this transaction because it has to do with the land and the purpose falls under the trustees and they do things according to the will of the person who gave it,” Archbishop Halapua said.

Responding to questions on the valuation of the land, he said the church trustees and the Kiribati Government came to an agreement on the value of the land.

“Well they have to agree, there was a lot of negotiation and fact-finding, and waiting on those who have other say on this because this is in the Government of Fiji and there is a proper channel.”

Halapua said the money from the sale would be invested to serve the purpose of the church.


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