Poverty on the rise in the Pacific region

For many visitors the Pacific Islands appear to be a paradise.

The view from a high class resort however is not shared by many of the locals.

Poverty is on the rise across the Pacific region, according to a recent report published by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

An average of one in four households is living below their own country’s basic-needs poverty line.

The number however varies from country to country.

In Papua New Guinea for instance, the rate of those living below the poverty line is as high as 39 percent, while in Vanuatu the rate is just 13 percent.

The report shows that poverty (hardship), vulnerability, inequality and exclusion are on the rise in many Pacific Island countries.

The most vulnerable people are likely to be women, youth, the disabled and the elderly, as well as those living in the outer islands and rural areas.




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