Church proposes ‘Holyween’ celebration instead of Halloween

The Church in Italy has called for Halloween to be scrapped and replaced with “Holyween”, a night in which children would go to prayer vigils and Masses.

A conference of exorcists in Rome last weekend warned of the danger to young people at Halloween.

This is a time when there is an increase in occult activity, the warning noted.

International Association of Exorcists director Fr Aldo Buonaiuto said Halloween is the antechamber of something dangerous, not innocent fun.

The IAE receives hundreds of calls during the Halloween period, especially from parents who fear their child has been drawn into the occult, he said.

“There are always more evil rituals, animal sacrifices, desecrations of cemeteries and thefts of sacred bones at the time of the 31 October.”

It is also the best time of year for sects to attract new members, he noted.

The Catholic Church in Italy has now launched the initiative “Holyween”, he added.

“While most people are steeped in zombies and horror we put on our door or windows a light or an image evocative of the saints.

“And then there will be Masses, prayer vigils and worship to celebrate the saints and victory of good over evil.”

Children would dress up as saints for Holyween, some reports say.

The Vatican officially recognised the IAE in June and about 300 exorcists attended the Rome conference.

The conference focused on the impact of the occult and satanism on modern men and women.

In a message to delegates, Pope Francis said: “Those who perform this particular ministry, in conjunction with the bishops, must work “with love and kindness from the Church towards those who suffer because of the Evil One.”

Psychiatrist and IAE spokesman Dr Valter Cascioli told Vatican Radio the number of people who turn to the occult or are fascinated by satanic cults and rituals “is constantly increasing”.

He said this “worries us” because it appears to coincide with “an extraordinary increase in demonic activity”.


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