Catherine of Aragon annulment appeal to be auctioned off

A letter from Catherine of Aragon asking a pope to block King Henry VIII’s attempts to annul their marriage is to be auctioned in Paris.

The letter is part of about 1500 documents written by women throughout history which are going under the auctioneer’s hammer next week.

Catherine’s letter is addressed to Cardinal Francisco de Quiñones of Santa Cruz and is worth an estimated NZ$55,000-$65,000.

She insists she has been cast aside “without cause, except, as I sincerely believe, at the instigation of an enemy completely without scruples [Thomas Cromwell] who has abused the king, my lord; the case, if examined without passion, will clearly show, I hope, that truth and justice are on my side. . . .“

She appeals for Pope Clement to investigate and judge her case because: “I am completely innocent”.

She also warns: “I can assure you with certainty that here [in England] there is no decision that can be made that will not bring a great evil in the future.”

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