Vunipola and his dad talk Rugby after church

Billy Vunipola is an English rugby union player.

He plays back row for Saracens in the Aviva Premiership and for England.

His brother, Mako Vunipola also plays for Saracens.

The English team conduct their post-match reviews on Monday mornings.

By that time Billy says he has already analysed his performance with his father, former Tongan captain Fe’ao Vunipola.

“My dad is honest and if he thinks I was quiet, he will say I was quiet. If he thinks I played well, he will say I played all right.”

However rugby talk comes only after his mother the Reverend Iesinga has conducted a service for her Methodist congregation in High Wycombe.

Iesinga is sometimes torn between her ecclesiastical responsibilities and a mother’s love.

Last year there was a possibility that Billy would come off the bench and her two sons would make history by becoming the first overseas-born brothers ever to play together for England.

But ‘Singa’ felt her place should be at the Methodist church where she was due to conduct three services.

“A part of me is saying I should be there for my sons because they want me to be,” she explained.

“But Sunday is the only day I would rather not be anywhere but with the church.”

“You know, I can’t really enjoy it when they play because I don’t want to see them hurt.”

“But if they played together, oh it would be such a joy that Mako and Billy are able to give back something to England!”

“In Tonga, my father always felt that whatever we had in life, we had to give it back to the community where we live.”

Six of Billy’s uncles and his grandfather have represented Tonga.


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