Dignity not charity demands Pope

Pope Francis is demanding dignity, not charity, for the world’s poor and hungry.

His comments came on Friday at a UN conference on nutrition hosted by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.

The Pontiff condemned speculation in food commodities and greed, saying they undermined the global fight against poverty and hunger.

“It is also painful to see that the struggle against hunger and malnutrition is hindered by market priorities, the primacy of profit, which have reduced foodstuffs to a commodity like any other, subject to speculation, also of a financial nature”, Pope Francis told delegates from over 170 countries.

The Holy Father told delegates that a fairer distribution of food “cannot remain in the limbo of theory”.

Calling on rich nations to share their wealth and denounce waste, excessive consumption and unequal food distribution, the Holy Father highlighted the “paradox of plenty”; where enough food is produced globally for everyone, but not enough for all to eat.

“The hungry remain at the street corner and ask to be recognised as citizens, to receive a healthy diet. We ask for dignity, not for charity”.

The UN estimates that a third of all the food that is produced is lost to waste and spoilage.


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