Churches sponsor financial literacy course for Pasifika people

A new cultural approach to teaching Pasifika families how to get out of debt and be smarter with their finances is about to be trialled at two Auckland churches.

The financial literacy programmes which began in October are being delivered bi-lingually, taking into account cultural values and obligations that impact financial decisions for Pacific people.

The programme’s director, Jackie Curry-Malolo said it was aimed at the many Pasifika families who are struggling to make ends meet.

She said a lot of that was because they were trying to meet church and cultural obligations as well as to pay the household bills.

The course, Poto Money, will run for five weeks at two churches – one Samoan, the other Tongan, and the families will be monitored once the course ends.

Ms Curry-Malolo said unlike generic financial literacy programmes, it will focus on Pasifika cultural values and significant events like funerals and weddings.

If Poto Money shows good results, the organisers hope to get funding to train more Pasifika people to run the programme across the country.


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