Singing nun tops YouTube and meets Pope

Sr Cristina Succia, the singing nun and winner of the Italian version of “The Voice” is in YouTube’s Top 10 videos for 2014.

Sr Cristina’s very first video performance joins the list of social media’s who’s who including

  • adorable animals,
  • a multi-million dollar Super Bowl commercial,
  • the iPhone 6 Plus bend test, and
  • Simon Cowell’s “Bars & Melody” golden buzzer act in Britain’s Got Talent.

When The Voice judges asked the pop-singing nun what the Vatican would think of her appearing on popular TV show, the young nun was initially uncertain.

“I don’t know.

“I’m expecting a telephone call from Pope Francis, certainly.

“Because he exhorts us to go out, to evangelise, to say that God does not take from us, but rather gives us more,” she continued.

The fully habited nun, who this year shattered stereotypes with her voice and stage presence last week fulfilled her dream and met Pope Francis during the Holy Father’s general audience in St Peter’s Square.

Pope Francis and Sr Cristina chatted, shook hands, and she handed him a copy of her self-titled album, which includes a cover version of Madonna’s classic song “Like a Virgin”.

The Pope received the CD and responded with a smile.

While some Italian bishops privately questioned her behaviour appearing on the TV show and romping around the stage in a full habit, the whole Italian Bishops’ Conference recently went public with criticism calling her “Like a Virgin” performance a “commercial ploy”.

The nun defended her decision saying the song was “prayer-like”.

Sr Christina’s version of the song has received more than 4 million views on YouTube.

The singing nun is slated to perform at the Vatican’s Christmas concert along with singer Patti Smith.


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