New Church in Kapiti is also a business venture

The founder of a new church on the Kapiti Coast says the church is a business that has to create its own path.

“It cannot rely on parishioners … times are difficult. The church has to look at other ways to ensure its financial viability – do not underestimate the Christian dollar,” says Kerupi Tavita.

He has become the pastor of the Ekklesia Church, and plans to open what he says will be New Zealand’s first branch of it at Lindale, Paraparaumu.

On behalf of the church, he has also become the part-owner of Lindale Farm and Lindale Cafe.

Kerupi says Ekklesia Church is independent and non-denominational.

It will be launched at Lindale auditorium on March 1 and he is expecting Government ministers and pastors from Australia and Malaysia to be among 400 people attending.

Kerupi was formerly an immigration manager who resigned after an expenses scandal.

In 2008 he was accused of giving himself a $400 gift while a senior Immigration NZ manager, and approving expenses to an employee who was not entitled to them.

He resigned and, six years later, says audits have cleared him of any wrong-doing. “There is still a bit of smell there but they found nothing untoward,” says Kerupi.

He said he had battled through that time with kidney failure and depression, but now had a “greater sense of faith”.



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