Benedict XVI still believes he was right to resign

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has never regretted or doubted his decision to resign two years ago, says his personal secretary.

Archbishop Georg Ganswein said Benedict is certain and serene about his decision, made for the good of the Church, because of his waning strength.

Archbishop Ganswein said the retired Pope’s usual routine these days involves prayer, reading, keeping up with correspondence, receiving visitors, watching the evening news and walking in the Vatican Gardens.

Benedict, who turns 88 in April, has been playing the piano much more often.

“Mozart especially, but also other compositions that come to mind at the moment; he plays from memory,” Archbishop Ganswein said.

The only health issues, the archbishop said, are “every now and then his legs give him some problems, that’s all”.

Benedict, who has had a pacemaker for several years and uses a cane, still has an incredibly sharp mind, Archbishop Ganswein added.

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