Priests try to attract US businesses to set up in Ireland

Two Irish priests and a parish administrator have started a trans-Atlantic church-based network which aims to attract American industry to Ireland.

Frs Sean Heaney and Shane Crombie, with Tom Whelan, from Tullamore, have been writing to parishes in the United States.

Fr Crombie said the Church is a ready-made network.

The trio’s motivation is not money; it’s just the latest manifestation of the Church helping out local communities, he said.

“It’s kind of a networking event in a parish setting.

“We have been making contact with parishes and asking them if they are aware of business people over there who are interested in setting up in Ireland.”

So far, the three have sent out more than 100 letters, setting up links with 12 parishes in Boston and 16 across California, as well as others in Arizona and Chicago.

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