Euthanasia advocate – people should be allowed to return God’s gift

The architect of voluntary euthanasia legislation in Holland is touring New Zealand saying if life is a gift from God then it may be returned by the owner.

Dr Rob Jonquiere has spoken at several gatherings in New Zealand over the past two weeks.

He was brought here by the Voluntary Euthanasia Society of New Zealand.

The Society is pushing for the Government to change the law to allow people with “unbearable suffering to end their lives with dignity, not in pain”.

Jonquiere helped draft legislation that allowed Dutch people suffering a terminal illness to choose to die.

He says he is hopeful change would come to New Zealand, where euthanasia is still illegal.

Right to Life spokesman Ken Orr was “not happy at all” that Jonquiere was in New Zealand “promoting suicide”.

“If the bill he is promoting is passed, it will destroy the trust our community has in the medical profession not to kill their patients.”

The two men were to meet in Christchurch on Monday in private to debate the issue.

The Nathaniel Centre – Euthanasia in New Zealand


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