Jakarta’s Archbishop speaks out against death penalty

The Archbishop of Jakarta, Ignatius Suharyo Hardjoatmodjo, has expressed his concern over Indonesia’s use of the death penalty.

He has also criticised the way two Australian detainees Andrew Chan and Myuran Shaveukumaran have been treated.

Following Easter Sunday mass, in Jakarta, Archbishop Ignatius told reporters the church was strictly against the use of the death penalty.

“We are worried and saddened that we are resorting to capital punishment and by the treatment of the detainees.”

The Archbishop is known to be on excellent terms with President Joko Widodo.

He supported Widodo’s election campaign.

This is the first time he publicly criticised of the President.

Archbishop Ignatius said he was saddened by the heavy-handed way in which the two Australian detainees were relocated from Kerobokan prison to the island where their execution is being planned.

The operation involved hundreds of balaclava-clad police and Sukhoi fighter jets.

“These men were handcuffed, was it necessary to be guarded by Sukhoi?” the archbishop said.

“For me that’s not strictness, for me that’s very saddening because it’s obvious that power wants to show itself and human dignity is not cherished.”

The Archbishop Ignatius said said using the death penalty was “a failure of humanity”.


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