Bishops condemn corruption in Papua New Guinea

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands (CBC) condemns corruption by ministers, public servants, church leaders and all the leaders in power, says Fr Victor Roche, CBC’s general secretary.

Roche gave the following reasons for the condemnation:

  • Elected leaders are for the people. They have been mandated to represent the people. Hence, they are obliged to be their voice.
  • As mandated by the people, they are entrusted to deal with public issues and act in the best interest of the people and not abuse their powers for their own benefits.
  • People suffer at the hands of those who misuse power for their selfish needs. This affects all levels of the society and generates instability at all levels of the government.

In the last few days, there has been an inquiry into allegations of two ministers who during their time in office breached and acted contrary to their duties and responsibilities as leaders.

On Tuesday Radio Australia International reported that an anonymous text message line has uncovered 250 cases of potential corruption in the Papua New Guinea’s Department of Finance.



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