ANZAC: The future of the Church is in good hands

“The future of the Church is in good hands,” Kitty McKinley, founder of Challenge 2000, says.

McKinley is the founder of Challenge 2000, a youth development organisation based in Johnsonville, Wellington.

On ANZAC weekend Challenge staff, volunteers, gap students and locals produced moving performances that recognised and remembered those who gave their lives and fought for their country.

To commemorate this year’s centenary of the battle at Gallipoli the group re-enacted the bravery, courage and heroism of soldiers, nurses, Maori and Pakeha men and women.

“We’ve performed dramas in our local area before but this year more parishes were involved,” said McKinley.

There were so many young people who wanted to take part this year they presented their drama at Johnsonville, Masterton, Eastbourne, Newtown and the Cathedral.

“Some young people attended all 5 Masses,” McKinley said.

“Our vocation, service and sacrifice-themed production moved young and old.”

“It was also wonderful to be joined by military people currently serving.”

In Auckland to mark ANZAC day there was a memorial concert in St Benedict’s Church in Newton.

It featured well-known composer/singer and Catholic priest, Father Chris Skinner, as well as musicians from three Auckland Catholic schools, St Mary’s and St Peter’s Colleges and St Francis School.


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