Pornography: society’s common cold

I’ve recently discovered that a pornography addiction is now becoming as popular in our modern society as the common cold.

It never ceases to swarm around, mercilessly infecting unsuspecting victims.

A couple of weeks ago I had a good friend of mine confide in me about her and her boyfriend’s current battles with long term pornography addictions.

My heart went out to them, as I can truly understand and relate first hand to the pain and shame they are both experiencing. Please pray for them!

My Story
As a young thirteen year old I became hooked on pornography myself, dependent on the pleasure and distraction it provided me from dealing with real life.

All of the insecurities, pain and doubts I carried around with me daily were pushed aside and blocked with the use of pornography.

It became a coping mechanism, my own adopted way of seeking out temporary, false pleasure so I could have a reason to cover up and avoid the real pain that was choking my heart.

I longed for love, and was weighed down with the grief of not being good or pretty enough for society or my peers. For years I allowed myself to become infested with the numerous lies and empty promises of pornography.

I thought I loved and needed it, but deep down I truly hated myself for allowing my brain and body to become tangled up in these soul-sucking fantasies.

It was a web I was caught up in, a trap from which I could not escape.

The worst thing for me was the shame I felt through it all, and if you’ve ever suffered from a pornography addiction, you’ll also understand the strong sense of utter loneliness that engulfs your entire being. Continue reading

Lindsey is a high school student from Rangiora, New Zealand who attends Villa Maria College in Christchurch.


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