St Mary of the Angels gets a mention in Wall St Journal

Wellington’s St Mary of the Angels church has got a mention in the Wall St Journal.

“Adjacent to the Majestic Centre, St. Mary of the Angels Church has been closed since 2013 because of safety concerns.”

“A planned NZ$3 million earthquake strengthening project includes 50 new rock anchors—cables drilled into the ground to anchor the building against the upward thrust of a quake.”

“Reinforced concrete beams encased in fiberglass will replace eight of the main columns in the church.”

“’It’s a moral obligation,’ said Dave Mullen, a spokesman for the Catholic Diocese in Wellington.”

The article also talks about Project Stronger, the Archdiocese of Wellington’s plan to upgrade all its earthquake prone buildings.

Red stickered Erskine College, which is describes as a 110-year old French Gothic building, also gets a mention.


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