Papal household head questions motives of liberal pastors

The prefect of the pontifical household has questioned why some pastors want to allow divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to receive Communion.

Archbishop Georg Ganswein told a university publication he didn’t know why some pastors want to propose what is not possible.

“Perhaps they give in to the spirit of the time; perhaps they allow themselves to be guided by the human applause caused by the media . . . .”

But the true measure to be guided by is the Gospel, the faith, healthy doctrine, Tradition, the archbishop said.

The Church must help divorced and remarried Catholics, but not in a reductive way, he said.

“The Church must also be very sincere with faithful living in this situation. It’s not only about saying: ‘They can, they can’t’.”

“It’s important to get close to them, to create contact and maintain it because they are members of the Church as everyone else, they are not expelled and even less so excommunicated.”

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