Thu Thu Mon: small steps to the goal

My name is Thu Thu Mon. I was born on the 10th of  September 1995. I lived with my Aunty in Kawthaung, Myanmar since I was three years old and studied there. I studied primary and secondary school at Kawthaung. In summer holidays I used to visit my parents in Ranong, Thailand.

In June 2007, my Mother asked me to study in Ranong. The head teacher of Soi-jet Learning Center sent me to join English class at Ranongthani Learning Center which Marist Asia FoundaNon

In 2008, I studied at Marist Asia Foundation. In that year my mother asked me to work but I do not want to work. I said to my mother that I am too young to work and I want to study more.

She asked me to choose between education and Mother. She gave me two choices to choose. If I study, she will not allow me to call her Mother. I am allowed to call her Mother if I work. I did not know what to choose but I went to school as usual.

One day my Mother told me that I am giving more importance to an education than the Mother. At
that moment I did not know what should I say. Should I need to say sorry to her or not? Then I immediately told my Mother please let me study, I will not ask for pocket money, I will not ask for new uniforms or stationeries. I told her that I will help myself.

One day my parents separated and my Mother go away from home. We all have to live with our
Father. From that day I have to take care of my sister and my brother.

My sister and I have to work on weekends and take care of the house. Even though I live with my father, I go to school everyday. I keep in my mind that only education can change my life in the future.

After I finished year 4, Teacher Irene from Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) offered me a job to teach at Bangklang Learning Center.

My first day of work was great because I joined Ngao Learning Center’s parents’ meeting and I started to learn more about migrant families. Now I am a teacher as I wish and helping my own people in Ranong.

  • Thu Thu Mon is a Burmese Migrant in Ranong on the Thailand / Burma Border. As well as teaching, she is a student in the ACU University Online Diploma Programme.
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